Past events

Statistical Methods for rare diseases and special populations

European Statistical Forum (ESForum) aims to face statistical topics focusing on the most advanced methodological, regulatory and operational characteristics to support the drug and medical devices development.

European Statistical Forum 2016 (14 November 2016, Berlin): Estimands and Missing Value

European Statistical Forum 2015 (16 November 2015, Vienna): Applications of statistical methodology in early drug development

European Statistical Forum 2014 (17 November 2014, Brussels): The current status of the application of Bayesian Methods in Drug Development

European Statistical Forum 2013 (18 November 2013, Amsterdam): Missing Data in Clinical Trials

European Statistical Forum 2012 (19 November 2012, Berlin): Advancing adaptive designs for the identifications of subpopulations and the new frontiers of benefit risk assessment

European Statistical Forum 2011 (24 November 2011, Milan): Survival Analysis in Medical Research

European Statistical Forum 2010 (18 November 2010, Verona): Statistical Reporting in Clinical Trials: hot tips and pitfalls of statistical reports, integrated reports and publications

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